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Sorelle Farms is a dedicated supplier of quality trees, both decorative and edible.

Sorelle Tree Farm was established in Mineola, Texas, in 2014, to provide container-grown trees wholesale to nurseries, landscape architects and municipalities. The word “Sorelle” is the Italian word for “sisters.” With four daughters in our family, the name just seemed to be a great fit.  The allure of raising our girls in a place with lots of space, peace & quiet and a slower pace were all appealing to us. Our daughters are an integral piece of the business and have been working with us on the farm every step of the way.

Our family is passionate about providing our customers many landscape options, both decorative and edible. In 2018, we acquired Bob Wells Nursery, an edible landscape provider. Bob Wells Nursery at Sorelle Farms is now a leading supplier of high-quality fruit trees, berry plants, nut trees and multi-graft fruit trees in the United States.  We invite all of our clients to come out and visit Sorelle Farms. We’ll ship your choices directly to your home or business, or you can choose to pick up your wholesale or retail order at our store in Mineola, Texas.

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Fun with Numbers, Trees Edition!

Percentage of Texas land area covered in timber
Age of oldest known currently living tree
Height in feet of tallest tree (Sequoia) in the world
Number of trees for every human being

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